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Gabby Cogan

Health Coach

Your Guide to Optimal Health

Gabby Cogan

M.Sc., CNP

A certified nutritionist specializing in teen & zoomer health & nutrition.

Following extensive scientific studies at the University of Toronto, which culminated in a M.Sc. thesis on breast cancer, Gabby pursued studies in holistic nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

The holistic approach appealed to Gabby when her own health deteriorated. She noticed the great impact diet & supplements had on her recovery from cancer & rheumatoid arthritis. Today, Gabby is happy to guide her clients to the path of maximizing their wellbeing. 

Gabby’s family has an immense impact on her nutritional practice. Wife and mother of three children, she always strives to offer fun, delicious & nutritious meals that do not require lengthy time at the kitchen. She always finds creative ways to overcome their different food sensitivities, and is constantly amazed by the curiosity her teenage daughters have toward food. As a nutritional consultant, Gabby enjoys creating meal plans and menus for busy families, as well as providing teens with efficient & practical solutions to health issues that will stay with them for life!

Whether you are dealing with specific health issues, or simply looking for guidance on healthier living, Gabby can help by providing you with professional nutritional advice & family-approved recipes to answer your nutritional needs and concerns.   

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Gabby Cogan - Nutritionist servicing Toronto, Thornhill, Vaughan